e-2995 (Culture and heritage)

E-petition: Initiated by Steve Sainas from Coquitlam, British Columbia

Petition to the Government of Canada


  • Music is essential to Canadian cultural identity;
  • Scientific studies strongly indicate that music is essential to everyone’s well-being;
  • Canada’s music industry has suffered major economic crisis due to COVID-19 shutdowns and music performance restrictions;
  • Without significant financial relief, the majority of musicians and live music venues are at risk of losing their businesses;
  • Our music sector’s survival is important to Canadian economic recovery;
  • Exploitative music devaluation, due to unlimited music streaming services and ongoing pandemic restrictions to live music performances, have made it nearly impossible for most professional musicians to earn a living wage from music; and
  • The Broadcasting Act has not been adequately updated to ensure fair and transparent remuneration for music artists.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:1. Create an ongoing Canadian Musicians’ Support Fund to (i) provide sustainable financial relief to professional musicians so they can earn an annual living wage, (ii) support rebuilding our music economy by providing professional live music performance incentives to venues, (iii) provide additional funding for creative grants to support new Canadian music creation, as well as for public school music education to foster the development of future Canadian musicians;2. While currently amending the Broadcasting Act, consider which regulatory tools would be most suitable to address fair and transparent remuneration for music artists.HistoryOpen for signatureNovember 25, 2020, at 2:50 p.m. (EDT)Closed for signatureFebruary 23, 2021, at 2:50 p.m. (EDT)Presented to the House of CommonsRon McKinnon (Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam)
February 26, 2021 (Petition No. 432-00592) Member of Parliament

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Ron McKinnon Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam, Liberal Caucus, British Columbia

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