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Hey guys – great idea! You have my vote but …
how and who defines who a professional musician is and who would benefit from this fund? Who would give out the money?

Thanks for your feedback and your questions. Your questions are actually answered in the proposal, but I’ll outline them here for all to read because they are important details to share as much as possible.

In order for a professional musician or creative to quality for the CMSFL, an artist must be a member of the CMC and provide evidence of professional music industry qualifications and/or experience as detailed in the application process.

Distribution will be based on one’s income tax return. If one falls below the $30K living wage, they are eligible for a top up.

Music Venues and Festivals would apply for subsidies and grants much like Creative BC. In fact, I would recommend that these funds be distributed through the existing funding organizations, but have CMSF funds available to them for distribution based on the current application process. Music venue subsidies will help create more performance work for musicians and rebuild our music economy.

Original music creatives would be funded through the existing Creative funds, and again the funding organizations would receive funding directly from the CMSF fund. I’m hoping that the current application process becomes more accessible and equitable than it has been in the past. The need for grant writers has to end, as does the need for coming up with 50% of the funds being requested.

Music Education
would still receive funds from MusiCounts who would benefit from CMSF funding if MusiCounts agrees with our proposal.

ALL Artisans will be exempt from all art related income tax similar to Ireland’s income tax laws.

The CMSF Proposal is fairly straightforward in theory. The creatives need to understand that music creation cannot take place without musicians, and that musicians are all in crisis, as are the original music creatives because of our total music economy collapse. We are a symbiotic music community and we need to support each other in a social-democratic model. Today, I read a news article promoting the need for the arts to become a publicly funded service. This is the basic core premise of the CMSF.

Hope this answers your questions. Also, I just finished recording a 60-minute round-table interview with Jade Weekes. It was very informative, and I was asked many of the same questions. 

If you give the full proposal that is linked on our website another thorough read, you’ll find that all these details are explained, backed with hyperlinked referenced articles.

I have a question: If you could determine how much money you should make off a Spotify spin what would you think it should be worth per listen?

The amount required to make a sustainable living from streaming per listen is unsustainable  because there are literally millions of song titles for consumers to choose from. The average artist cannot gain enough streams for this highly oversaturated market to make a living wage. The business model for music distribution is broken. Therefore, it is essential for music to be publicly supported in the national patronage model that we have proposed. 

It looks like the petition is geared towards original artists. Is this correct?

Not at all, although compensation for original artists and their creations is certainly part of it. The petition is for fair compensation for musicians making money from live performances as well. This fund will guarantee an annual $30,000 living wage top up based on annual income tax returns from all professional musicians who are vetted by a Music Industry Association. This fund will also provide subsidies to venues to provide incentives to present well-paid performance opportunities for professional musicians, thus rebuilding our music economy. The CMSF will also provide funding for public music education to develop future musicians.

Hey! I was just wondering if you guys had considered working within the union to advocate for all the things you’re advocating for? I’m just making sure you’ve explored that?

Yes, we have been contacted by the AFM Presidents of Local 446 Regina, Local 247, The Island Musicians Association, and an executive member from Vancouver Local 145. We have replied and invited them to share our petition and work with us to further our cause. We are still waiting for confirmation from them on their next steps to support the Keep Music Alive in Canada. We look forward to hopefully working together with all AFM/CFM Locals and all Canadian Music Industry Associations. We will continue to reach out to all of them to hopefully unite one strong national voice of solidarity!

I already support the artists whom I listen to by buying their records, merch, and concert tickets. I believe it is unfair to pay more. Will I pay more taxes?

The vast majority of people do not buy music anymore because streaming is by far the dominant platform used to consume music. Even if a person buys some music, anyone with an internet connection is also using streamed music. Each format of music is a merchandise product on its own. It would be like saying, “I bought the album, so I shouldn’t have to pay for the concert ticket, or visa versa. Just because you bought the CD, it doesn’t mean that you can listen to the streamed digital version without paying a fair price. 

Currently, most people listen to unlimited streamed music for only $9.99 per month. This monthly rate of $9.99 would only purchase ten 99 cent mp3s. Through streaming, artists only receive between $0.00069 and $0.019 cents per streamed listen. The devaluation of music is obviously so low and exploitive that original music creatives can no longer earn a sustainable living from their recordings, and find it nearly impossible to continue to create new high-quality recordings for their fans to enjoy. 

Further, the complete collapse of the live music economy now has left all professional musicians with little or no income. The gov’t will sort out a fund that will compensate all professional musicians for the exploitive devaluation of recorded music, and the tragic collapse of live music. 

Proper funding will enable all professional musicians to earn a sustainable living wage so that they can continue to create high-quality music for you to enjoy. It will also provide live music subsidies to music venues so that they can afford to bring live music to your local stages. 

Who is the CMC?

Please click on this hyperlink to meet Team CMC.

Isn’t this just another government handout? Musicians should write better songs and work harder to promote them if they want to make more money. Why should I have to pay more to support musicians?

Musicians don’t want a handout. They want to get back to work playing gigs for fair pay , and they want fair pay for the music they create that music consumers enjoy daily more than ever before in history, but pay little or nothing to use. For the rest of the answer to this question regarding the statement: “Musicians should write better songs and work harder to promote them if they want to make more money. Why should I have to pay more to support musicians? 

Please read Answer #5 and Answer #1.

Musicians will keep recording and playing music because they enjoy it. Why should i have to pay more for something musicians enjoy to do anyway?

Musicians can no longer earn a sustainable living creating and performing music, Further many live music venues will go out of business permanently, or will never be able to afford to present live music again because of the pandemic economy collapse. Without a CMSF, many music venues will not recover, and musicians will not be able to earn a sustainable wage to invest in the creation and performance of new music. If you love music, you must invest in it fairly to help musicians develop their talent, creativity, and production, so that society can enjoy the high quality music they need for their social well-being and improved mental health.

I think this is a great proposal! What can I do to help?

We ask all our supporters to send a support letter to help Keep Music Alive in Canada
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