The CMC was founded by Steve Sainas, Cherelle Jardine, and Marc Gladstone to advocate for the implementation of the CMSF proposal conceived by Steve Sainas. The CMC founders have assembled this support team of experienced music industry professionals to further this cause.

Please meet Team CMC!

Keep Music Alive in Canada

Steve Sainas – Executive Director

Steve Sainas

Steve Sainas is an acclaimed guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and Juno Award Winning music teacher with nearly four decades in the business. He has been very active in the industry to foster a better situation for all artists. Steve strongly believes that we need to remedy the exploitation of creative artists by ensuring that a fair sustainable living wage can be earned by all creative and performing musicians.
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Cherelle Jardine – Publicity Director

Cherelle Jardine

Cherelle Jardine is past President of Pacific Songwriters’ Association plus has sat on boards of various music organizations over the years and is currently lead singer of Stone Poets and HEAD. Her radio show “Make a Scene Canada” on Pacific Northwest Radio, is a go-to for showcasing new Canadian music from both rising stars and established Canadian artists. Cherelle knows first hand how much music has been devalued in recent years and brings her wide-ranging experience, her passion and her commitment to the C.M.C.
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Marc Gladstone – Pacific Regional Director

Marc Gladstone

It is very likely you have seen Marc, a multi-award winning keyboardist playing keys & singing with the likes of Prism, Doug & The Slugs, Nick Gilder, Toronto, or his original bands, Stone Poets, HEAD and Abandon Paris. He’s been one of the most sought after piano instructors at Long and McQuade for the past 10 years. Marc Gladstone is a driving force in the Canadian music scene and is excited to be working with the C.M.C. to help it grow and achieve success.
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Doug Cox – Vancouver Island Regional Director

Doug Cox

Doug Cox is an island-based Musician, Producer, Instructor, Event Organizer with 40 years experience and is the long-standing producer (22 years) of Vancouver Island MusicFest. Doug is a catalyst among musicians and organizers for many fascinating collaborations. He believes in the power of music and community. Doug was the 2009 Juno Nominee for World Music Album of the Year. In 2017, he was inducted into the BC Music Hall of Fame as a Pioneer Star for his extensive body of work as a Producer and Musician.
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Valdy –  Gulf Islands Regional Coordinator


Little introduction is needed here but, in his own words, : “When asked to best describe what I do, usually one of the first four questions new acquaintances ask, I respond with folksinger: touring entertainer/singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist/arranger.”
We are honoured to have Valdy supporting the change needed in the industry. “…unquestionably the most public performer in Canada today, and the most loved.” – Macleans
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Michael Hwang – Assistant Director / Legal Counsel

Michael Hwang

Michael Hwang is a lawyer with 30 years experience and has served on the boards of many local and international organizations dedicated to social justice and community development.
He currently serves on the boards of B.C.’s Small Business Roundtable, New Vista Society and The Spirit of Children Society, and as the legal advisor to Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society and Pacific Museum of Migration Society.
Michael has also been a partner of a heritage theatre in downtown New Westminster for over 10 years in order to influence grass roots changes in the community through performing arts and artists. Michael has agreed to serve as a pro bono legal and governance advisor of CMC during these formative years. Read more about Michael Hwang: Click Here

Ted Tosoff – Assistant Director

Ted Tosoff

Ted Tosoff is a Songwriter, Singer, Performer, Engineer & Producer with over 40 years of experience in the music industry. He is fully engaged in all aspects of music from playing & recording to sales & promotions. Ted brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the C.M.C.
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Robert Campbell – Atlantic Regional Director / IT

Robert Campbell

Robert has a wide range of experience in music and the arts as well as having spent time in the IT arena. Currently residing in Nova Scotia , Robert is concentrating on songwriting, online hosting & producing, original performance, and social and community causes. He is happy to lend a hand with C.M.C. to help bring an equitable financial model to Canadian artists.
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Derek Bird – Assistant Director

Derek Bird

A dedicated woodturner, longtime guitarist and recent ukulele geek, Derek Bird is a passionate music lover and the more ‘live‘ the better. Derek had 30 creative years with CBC Radio and Television, bringing new and established artists and their music to the world. Now, as a Music & Events Producer, Broadcaster and Engineer, he works on festivals and non-profit projects in western Canada. Derek has been active in the promotion, governance and/or operations of a number of BC festivals and public events and is a board member of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.
Having Derek’s time, experience and enthusiasm to help develop plans, get things done and make the changes needed for Canadian artists is invaluable.

Mark Greenhalgh – Okanagan-Thompson Coordinator

Mark Greenhalgh

Mark Greenhalgh is a long-time professional working with communities, organizations, venues, festival producers and music artists, providing a variety of services and consultation. Mark is a well-known face on the BC music and festival scene and has a personal network with key organizations and individuals garnered over 20 years. The work is connecting communities, artists, audiences and opportunities.
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