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Keep Music Alive in Canada

Music is essential to our cultural identity and enriches Canadian lives. It is scientifically proven that music improves mental health and physical well-being. Because music significantly enhances life, Canadians value and enjoy music daily. 

In order for Canadians to continue to enjoy all the benefits of high quality music, the Canadian Musicians’ Coalition proposes to foster the production of Canadian music through an ongoing funding system that promotes excellence in professional musicians, performance venues, and music education.

The goal of the Canadian Musicians’ Coalition is to build and maintain systems within the Canadian music economy so professional performing musicians and original music creatives can earn a sustainable wage. The CMC is inclusive of musicians from all cultures, lifestyles and musical genres in Canada.

Please read the summary our CMC Canadian Musicians’ Support Fund Proposal and sign our Keep Music Alive in Canada petition

The Canadian Musicians’ Coalition is pleased to announce that our previous petition was successful in gaining the support of our Member of Parliament, Mr. Ron McKinnon who has offered to bring our request for the creation of a Canadian Musicians’ Support Fund to the House of Commons through this newly published official MP sponsored e-petition.

In order for Mr. McKinnon to have a greater chance of success in receiving Government approval for the creation of a Canadian Musicians’ Support Fund, we need to collect as many signatures as possible from Canadian citizens. Because this is an official government petition, your information is secure, and you will not be further solicited after signing this petition. You will only need to confirm your signing by replying to a confirmation email.

It is essential we create this support fund for Canadian Musicians so that they can continue to create and perform the music that everyone needs and enjoys daily. We also need to create more funds for public music education to develop future musicians.

Finally, we need government to update the Broadcasting Act to ensure that creative artists are remunerated in a more fair and transparent manner so they can sustainably continue to create new music for your enjoyment.

Canadian music is essential to our cultural identity and for maintaining a healthy society.

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Let’s Keep Music Alive in Canada!